Saturday, July 10, 2010


I met a faerie boy! *dances* :D He's really cute. His name is Alsar, and I'm pretty sure he's SO nice. Mwa ha ha... I'm excited.

That was really short. I'm pretty sure I should say something else.

Um.... Uh....

I like Alsar. :D But I'm pretty sure I need to play hard to get. I'm going too easy on him. Hee. This will be fun. *flies off*

And this has been Mira, who is thrilled to have a boy to torment... *eyeroll*


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mwa ha ha!

I have returned! That's right, I came back. Jared finally let me write something! I don't know what to say! Ahhhh!!!!


I'm excited to have my blog back. :D Do you like my new look? Isn't it awesome? I'm pretty sure it was fun designing it. I wanna design blog stuff now. I can be famous!


No, pretty sure that would be boring. Hm... what should I talk about? I know! I'm gonna make Jared write a story about me. Not just one where I'm like, one of the most important characters, like he's writing now--one where I'm the main character. Oh yeah. It'll be awesome. 'Cause I'm awesome. And everything I do is awesome! But... he doesn't know when he can start it. I'm pretty sure he should forget about his other stories he's writing and do mine. What do you say? I need support!

Oh! Just a couple days ago, I got to hang out with another faerie. Her name is Cheri, and we're great friends now! We went to Jared's karate dojo, and he told us to explore outside 'cause he didn't want us to accidentally burn the place down. I'm pretty sure he has no idea how insulting that was. Me and Cheri, burn down a building? We would never dream of it! Well... except... we did light a fire inside the wall 'cause we found a hole and there was a mouse. I hate mice! I don't know why some faeries think they're cute. I'm pretty sure it's weird. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah. Well... me and Cheri had lots of fun. :D We flew aaaall over the dojo and snuck up on people and listened to conversations. And I thought I saw a faerie boy! There's waaaaay not enough boys around here. And most of 'em seem to have girlfriends already. *pout* Are there any lonely faerie boys out there? :D

~ Mira

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Story

Okay, so the story I tried to tell in the last post before Jared kicked me off. Pretty sure... he's annoying. Well anyway. The story. :D

So it was... a while ago, I dunno exactly how long. But I was in this city I don't remember the name of, taking a nap 'cause I'd been flying all day. And these big ugly humans (wait, aren't most humans big and ugly?) snatched me and put me in a cage! This um, happened to my mom, a long time ago, and... and bad stuff happened.


Anyway. So they took me and stuffed me in a cage. I'm pretty sure I hate cages. They're evil awful nasty things! Ugh. They kept me locked up for--I don't even know how long. It was a really really bad time. They hurt me. And forced me to fight other faeries. And, and... why did I decide to tell this story? It's an awful story! I hate it!


Ugh. Why do I always get so... so upset when I try and remember things? Pretty sure it's annoying. I can't ever tell cool stories 'cause I always start crying! Okay okay, I'm gonna try to finish....

So they kept me locked up and made me do... bad things. But I escaped of course, else I wouldn't be here. And I'm pretty sure the escape is the best part of the story. Of course it is! The rest is just... just depressing and I hate it. Anyway, I escaped 'cause a bunch of Bloodbound girls rode in on their monster-things and beat up the humans. It was awesome. Really. Awesome. They knocked my cage on the ground and it smashed, and I got out. Then I went and stuck needles into the stupid evil human who kept me locked up. Heh. We got 'im good. He won't be hurting any more faeries. But I still--

Never mind. That was an awful story. Sorry. I'm... pretty sure I'm not very happy today.

~ Mira

Friday, March 26, 2010

Life Is Good

Nothing to report. I'm pretty sure my life is good right now... but it could always use more action. And weird people. And cool stuff. But hey! At least no one wants to kill me right now. :D

Jared drew another picture of me--that makes six! And this one is awesome. He says it's his favorite so far. I love it! I'm pretty sure I look really cute in it.

I... need something to talk about. Hm. I wanna go on an adventure. Pretty sure that would be fun... and way more interesting than the normal boringness that is my life. But Jared is busy, I need someone else to adventure with. Maybe Antella... or... hey! Cantabile! I could ask her! Oh yeah. I'll ask her.

Now that's decided... and I still need something to talk about.


I know! No wait. I think... well I guess I could tell a story. I'll tell you about that one time, in that one place, when I did that thing with those guys. Oh yeah. Great story. So. Pretty sure... it starts there... or is it there... Hm. Hang on. Thinking.


Okay got it. :D Well one time these guys tried to lock me up in a cage and sell me. I--AW! I don't want to be done! Sorry guys, Jared says it's time to get off the computer.... Gr. Pretty sure I hate sharing. Anyway... I'll tell the story in my next post, 'k?

~ Mira

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Have Returned


Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I'm pretty sure Jared doesn't know how to share the computer. I also (I know, shocking) haven't been able to think of anything to say. So um... I'm just gonna talk about what's happened in my (boring) life since my last post, 'k?

Well my story (the story NAMED after me :D ) was started. Yeah. I'm in it. Um. I'm pretty sure that was really profound. See, I'm not allowed to say much about it! But I can say that I showed up in my awesome cloud-of-shadow thingy, and then I Linked to Gryffi and I follow him around everywhere. I'm pretty sure it's so weird doing this double life thing... 'Cause I'm Linked to Jared in "real" life, but in my story I'm Linked to Gryffi. And I like, have two different lives. I get confused. But at least Jared and Gryffi aren't totally opposites... 'cause that would be even worse.

Hm. I'm pretty sure I'm rambling now. Well what else could I talk about? I peeked out the outline for my story. :D That's right, I know what's gonna happen. I'm awesome, pretty sure you can't deny it. But uh... I don't like what's gonna happen. I don't like it at all. Jared is the dumbest, most annoying, most dirty and mean, most ugly, stupid, nasty author on the plan--JARED STOP! I'm not done yet!


Okay I'm back, he actually.... flicked me away from the keyboard! This is MY blog, pretty sure I should be allowed to say anything I want! Anyway. Where was I? Uh.... Right. Jared's lousy "plan" for my story. I'm not allowed to say anything else about it though. See how controlling he is? He's rolling his eyes at me. Hmmph. I'm supposed to insult him, friends always insult each other. Hear (read?) that?

Aaaanyway. What do I do now? I wanna ramble.... I'm pretty sure I never get the computer this long.... Oh! I went to a concert with Jared earlier. It was SO loud. But I had SO much fun! I flew around all over the place and bugged people and stole things and--Jared says I was being very immature. PHOOEY! Oh then there was that time, when I flew up to that annoying singer guy's ear and pulled on it... Pretty sure that was SO funny. He almost fell over! I made him forget his lines. Hee. Oh then I found some other girls (two Rose faeries and this one creepy Bloodbound girl who was actually really nice) and we went around swarming people and we stole a plate of nachos and ate the whole thing. I felt sick. Then I sat on Jared's shoulder burping all the way home. But he didn't notice 'cause--no he says he did notice. Hmmph.

Anyway. I'm pretty sure I like concerts now. :D Um... now what? No wait, Jared says it's time for me to go... Gr. Pretty sure... never mind. I'll try post soonish, 'k?

~ Mira

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Okay first off, I'm pretty sure I'm safe for now. That was a close one....

Second off, I'm in a good mood today. :D

Third off.... well I told you I'd tell you about Linking, didn't I? I'm pretty sure I did. A couple something posts ago. So yeah.... Linking is when a faerie bonds herself to a human (boy faeries can't do it, weirdos). It's um... yeah. That's basically what it is. But there's lots of different Links in my world. They're like... magic spells or something. To put it in terms you can understand. They do stuff like make it so you can't go over water without an offering, and other stuff like holding the world in orbit. I'm pretty sure.... I don't understand them. But yeah. Us faeries can Link to humans, we're like the only ones who can actually make Links. And when we Link, we can't break the Link. I'm pretty sure there's only one guy who can do that....

I'm gonna try and think of more stuff to say and post here more often, really I will. I'm pretty sure I will. Probably. :D

~ Mira

Saturday, March 6, 2010

In Fear For My Life

I almost died today.

That's right. I nearly DIED!

Someone tried to assassinate me with a bomb. I'm pretty sure I barely got out of there alive.... But don't worry, I'm still here so you can still read my blog. :D


I'm pretty sure I'm totally freaking out. AHHHHHHH!!!!! No there wasn't another bomb. I needed to scream. Actually I screamed a lot when the bomb went off. But but but... it reminded me of something. Agh, now... now...


I need to get out of here I need to hide I need to run or something or I don't know someone please help me please help please....

~ Mira

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Jared is so annoying! And he's mean. He's SO mean. He makes me want to cry. He said today.... he said he would make me leave. Eventually. 'Cause his stupid "friend" whose name he won't allow me to release doesn't like me! It's so dumb! I never did anything to this "friend". I was always just nice and didn't do anything nasty, and now I'm gonna have to leave! WHY? I'm not even speaking to Jared anymore. He's really upset. But I don't care. Two-timing bastard.



Deep breath work, I'm pretty sure I've said it before. Okay. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make him change his mind. And his "friend". I don't have to leave if I don't WANT to leave! It's my house too, and Jared is MY human. I couldn't even leave if I wanted to.

Jared hang on, I'm not done writing yet! Of course I told you that before, don't you ever LISTEN?

He doesn't listen. Proven fact. Like I never TOLD him I couldn't leave once we'd Linked! Links are unbreakable! Now he's glaring at me. Serves him right. But I can't leave so HA. Take THAT meanies!

Now you probably all want to know what "Linking" means. I'll tell you some other time, being mad makes me tired.

~ Mira

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I can't tell you the story of how I got to be called Little Darkangel.

I'm sorry!

And I spent these last few days getting it all ready to talk about... Gr. I'm pretty sure Jared is so annoying. He won't let me tell the story 'cause he says it'll give things away he doesn't want people to know yet! It's not fair! I tried and tried to convince him, but he wouldn't listen to me.


I guess I don't have anything else to say. I'm sorry guys.

~ Mira

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm excited!

Jared just finished the outline for my story! YAAY! I can't wait for him to start writing, I'm gonna have lots of fun. And I'm pretty sure I'm also gonna get hurt a lot too. But I don't care! It's my story! And it's gonna be written SOON! But he says he needs to do more outlining work before he can start. That makes me roll my eyes. He should just GO! Instead of sitting around bein' lazy. He's just making excuses 'cause he wants to be mean to me.

Well anyway... do you wanna know what my story is called? :D I'm pretty sure everyone is really interested to know, 'cause, of course, it's about me. So I'm just gonna tell you now...

It's called Little Darkangel.

It's named after ME! Isn't that awesome? Of course I'm the most important person in the book, so. But it's still awesome! I'm pretty sure now you're gonna want to know what the name Little Darkangel has to do with me....

So I'll tell you that too. It's my name. That's right. It's my name. Or, one of them. I have lots of names. Black Butterfly, Mira, Little Darkangel, Silverwing Bride (loooong story behind that one, don't you DARE ask about it), Midge, and lots of other ones. I've been lots and lots of places. Isn't it fun to have a bunch of names? :D But I'm called Little Darkangel in some places because... I'm pretty sure I don't wanna tell you that story either. If you're really nice and you post comments on this blog MAYBE I'll tell you about it. Or if I get bored. Whichever comes first. But I'm pretty sure I--Jared's kicking me off, never mind.

~ Mira

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Commentary on the Olympics

Hello everyone! Er, sorry about my last post... I'm pretty sure I wasn't feeling very happy that day.

But today, I'm fine. :D Today, I wanna talk about that silly competition known as the Olympics.... You see, Jared doesn't watch them, but I got so bored that I decided to. It didn't make me much less bored. What is it with humans and sports? Skiing and ice skating and hockey and all the other boring stuff in the Olympics, I'm pretty sure I don't know why they like it so much....

And the silly outfits everyone wears. It's like, spandex! Spandex is so goofy-looking. Couldn't they wear stylish clothes? Like me. Hey! I could be the new fashion advisor for the Olympics! I'm pretty sure I'd be great in that role.

There's also a depressing lack of excitement and injuries in the Olympics. I'm pretty sure they need more broken bones, more blood, and... brawls! And unexpected things too. Like, instead of the ski jumper dude going a foot farther than the last one, he spontaneously combusts and makes a crater when he hits the ground! Or those boring old snowboarders, instead of grabbing their boards and wimpy tricks like that, do five hundred backflips and fly! But no... nothing like that.

Just boring stuff.

~ Yours in boredom,

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hey, I'm back. I'm gonna tell you about my... my past. I'm pretty sure it isn't very happy, but... but I want to.


I was born like... twenty years ago, I don't know. Me and my... my mom lived in a big old tree at the tippy top of the Dragonwing, right on the shore of the Heartsea. We lived together there for... a while, and then we left and went out to see the world, as all of us faeries do. But, but we should have stayed! 'Cause my mom died was killed, and I had to raise my little sister all by myself.


Okay, I'm better now. I just wish... wish things could have been different... I'm pretty sure my life sucks.... But anyway. We lived on our own for a while, but the Fey King found us and took us in. He's a--a man, who takes care of stray faeries like me and my sister. We lived with him for a while, until a new girl came. Her name was... Kindle. Kindle! I hate her, hate her, hate her! AH!


Wow, taking deep breaths really works. Um... Kindle. Yeah. She lived with us and the Fey King for a while, and then she left... and me and my sister followed her. I'm pretty sure that was such a bad idea. We traveled for a while, and then she turned... weird. She turned to a sprite. I hate sprites. They're--they're awful. She killed--she killed my sister. And then she left. And then--


I'm done now. I can't take this anymore....

~ Mira

Friday, February 12, 2010

My kinda faerie :D

On request from some guy, I'm gonna say some more about Onyx faeries (my kind!).

Okay. So uh... how to sum up our awesomeness.... Well. I guess I'll start with what part of the world we're from. We're Edgers, baby! We live all over the Edge of the World and in the Kingdom of the Falling Sun and in the tippy top of the Dragonwing. And we travel a lot too. I love traveling! Staying in one place all the time is so boring. I have some friends in the Rift... anyway. We always have black and silver wings and most of us have black hair. And of course there's our impeccable fashion sense. Um... we don't have a queen or anything like those weirdos down south. No government, no rules, just fun! Our boys live in tree houses. And they're handsomer than all the other boy faeries of course. I'm pretty sure I should tell you more about them... they're soooo weird. But lots of 'em are kinda cute too. And--

Anyway. The Onyx girls living in this silly old "earth" dimension always Link to depressed people ('cause we're just cool and good at cheering people up) and most of us live in "America." I'm pretty sure I don't understand human government. It's weird. I talked to a girl who sat on the President's head for a whole week once... it was really confusing but I laughed a lot. :D

Er... what else could I tell you about Onyx faeries? I'm pretty sure there's not much else to talk about... we sing songs like all other faeries (but ours are the best) and we tell stories and we build nests. But our moms watch after us a lot longer. My mom was...


No, I'm not gonna cry...

Um. Bye.

~ Mira

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A bit about faeries

First off, I wanna say hi to my new readers.

Hi! I love seein' ya, but remember, I don't do autographs.

Now that that's done.... Hm. I'm pretty sure I wanna tell you about faeries. (One of my favorite subjects!) 'Cause I know you're just burning with curiosity. So. Faeries. Well, the first thing to know is that we come in twelve kinds. The ever so pretty moi is an Onyx faerie (Zen'a in the proper speech). We're the prettiest and smartest and coolest kinda faerie, of course. But the other kinds are Azure, Fire, Blanched, Bloodbound (those chicks are eeevaaal), Grassy, Star, Verdant, Marine, Rose, Violet, and Earthen (I'm pretty sure they're so boring...). We've got three main languages: Ka'ga (what I speak :D ), Singsong, and Meroc. I'm pretty sure humans are too stupid to understand most of what we say... so we speak regular old English/Brelish most of the time. Just 'cause it's nice to be understood sometimes, if ya know what I mean.

And uh... is there anything else? Well I guess I could go on and on about culture and stuff and junk. Or I could tell you about how weird boy faeries are. What do you guys want to hear about? Tell me tell me!

~ Mira

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Day in the Life....

Jared told me I should write about what goes on during one day of my life. I'm pretty sure he's so uncreative... but I couldn't think of anything else to write about, so. I'm gonna tell you what happens in one day of my life. It's SO boring.

Earlyish (sometime between 9 and 10 in the morning): I wake up in my cute little corner where I sleep and keep my clothes. Jared is already up, and I force him to do his daily push-ups. (He's such a wuss). Then I go take a bath. I yawn a lot and wish nighttime lasted longer.

Sometime after earlyish: I eat my breakfast of flowers and remind Jared once again that he should plant a flower garden. I'm pretty sure he's never gonna just give in.... I must think of a better way to convince him.

Kinda middle-ish: Jared sets about his boring day. I leave the ridiculously humongous house (it's big even for humans!) and go out to stretch my wings. I fly around and tease humans and birds. (Oh yeah!) I like to play in the snow. And steal things. And sometimes I find other faeries to hang out with, but there aren't many worthy humans around here. Silly creatures.

Later than middle-ish: I go back to the house (the same silly-big house as earlier) and eat more. Then I hang around and talk to the cats sometimes (they're smarter than humans! It's true!). But they try to eat me, so I usually end up sitting on the ceiling fan and taking a nap.

Evening-ish: I'm tired of this. My days are so boring. I wanna go do something more interesting... I tried to convince Jared to get in his car (I love his car! :D ) and drive to Canada. That went over well. But well, anyway... in the evening-ish time I like to pester Jared. :D

And then I hang out some more and go to sleep. So boring....

~ Mira

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fun with humans :D

Hi. It's me again. I didn't post yesterday 'cause Jared is annoying and won't give me the computer for five seconds while I post. (He's over here coughing and saying it takes me more than five seconds. Jerk.)

Hmmph. Anyway. I wanna tell you about all the fun I have with those silly clodhoppers known as humans. I love messing with 'em! 'Cause only ones with their own faerie can see me. Oh, let me tell you how to pronounce "faerie." People always say it wrong. I'm pretty sure they're idiots... but anyway. You pronounce it "fay-er-ee" not "fare-ee" like every seems to want to do it. Don't forget!

So yeah. Back to how much fun it is to bug humans. :D You can do anything you want with the clumsy things! I like tickling their noses and standing on their heads making fun of everything they say. It's also fun to fly around their feet and try to trip them up. But that's dangerous. I've almost gotten crushed dozens of times! (Jared says it wouldn't happen if I was smarter. Now what's that supposed to mean?!) Oh yeah... and I love whispering in their ears. It totally freaks 'em out! And sometimes they'll even say the things I whisper. It's so much fun.

Yeah.... I'm pretty sure humans don't even know how much fun they are. :D Or how silly. Or--AHHG JARED! I'm not done yet! He's making me leave, I'm not done--

She says goodbye now. Everyone wave to Mira!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In which I complain about humans

We all know those big giant clodhoppers known as humans. I'm pretty sure most of my readers are human. So I wanna tell you just why humans are so annoying (maybe you can improve yourselves!).

Well, first off, you have their ridiculous size. I mean, come on. How big do you really need to be? I'm pretty sure it's awesome being six inches. You can get into all kinds of places! And when you're as big as a human, it's really hard to hide from things, or get into small spaces, or avoid stepping on people like me. And the worst part is, they don't even realize they're so big! People are always trying... to hug me. That's right, you heard me. People try to hug me! Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to be hugged by a human?! A gal could get crushed! And then they laugh. Makes me wanna cry. Those stupid silly ugly giant monsters!



Okay I'm calm now. I'm pretty sure I didn't really mean that humans are stupid monsters. No comment on the rest of my adjectives though. :D

~ Mira

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to my life

Hello everyone! (If there's anyone reading this at all, which I'm pretty sure there might be).




I'm pretty sure I don't know what else to say. Uh... I live with a dude named Jared. In his room. But he's not my boyfriend or anything gross like that, we just, uh... live in the same room. I moved in like months ago. And he let me stay! You don't always find humans so nice. But--he can be very annoying. And... yeah. That's all I have to say about him for the moment.

But who wants to talk about Jared? He's BORING! I wanna talk about... uh... how dang HARD it is for me to type. Do you have any idea how long it takes a six-inch gal like me to type this whole silly post? Why am I doing this anyway? JARED!! Finish it for meeee!

And that concludes Mira's first post... silly faerie.

~ Mira (I signed it myself, I made him leave for this part :D )