Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hey, I'm back. I'm gonna tell you about my... my past. I'm pretty sure it isn't very happy, but... but I want to.


I was born like... twenty years ago, I don't know. Me and my... my mom lived in a big old tree at the tippy top of the Dragonwing, right on the shore of the Heartsea. We lived together there for... a while, and then we left and went out to see the world, as all of us faeries do. But, but we should have stayed! 'Cause my mom died was killed, and I had to raise my little sister all by myself.


Okay, I'm better now. I just wish... wish things could have been different... I'm pretty sure my life sucks.... But anyway. We lived on our own for a while, but the Fey King found us and took us in. He's a--a man, who takes care of stray faeries like me and my sister. We lived with him for a while, until a new girl came. Her name was... Kindle. Kindle! I hate her, hate her, hate her! AH!


Wow, taking deep breaths really works. Um... Kindle. Yeah. She lived with us and the Fey King for a while, and then she left... and me and my sister followed her. I'm pretty sure that was such a bad idea. We traveled for a while, and then she turned... weird. She turned to a sprite. I hate sprites. They're--they're awful. She killed--she killed my sister. And then she left. And then--


I'm done now. I can't take this anymore....

~ Mira

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