Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Day in the Life....

Jared told me I should write about what goes on during one day of my life. I'm pretty sure he's so uncreative... but I couldn't think of anything else to write about, so. I'm gonna tell you what happens in one day of my life. It's SO boring.

Earlyish (sometime between 9 and 10 in the morning): I wake up in my cute little corner where I sleep and keep my clothes. Jared is already up, and I force him to do his daily push-ups. (He's such a wuss). Then I go take a bath. I yawn a lot and wish nighttime lasted longer.

Sometime after earlyish: I eat my breakfast of flowers and remind Jared once again that he should plant a flower garden. I'm pretty sure he's never gonna just give in.... I must think of a better way to convince him.

Kinda middle-ish: Jared sets about his boring day. I leave the ridiculously humongous house (it's big even for humans!) and go out to stretch my wings. I fly around and tease humans and birds. (Oh yeah!) I like to play in the snow. And steal things. And sometimes I find other faeries to hang out with, but there aren't many worthy humans around here. Silly creatures.

Later than middle-ish: I go back to the house (the same silly-big house as earlier) and eat more. Then I hang around and talk to the cats sometimes (they're smarter than humans! It's true!). But they try to eat me, so I usually end up sitting on the ceiling fan and taking a nap.

Evening-ish: I'm tired of this. My days are so boring. I wanna go do something more interesting... I tried to convince Jared to get in his car (I love his car! :D ) and drive to Canada. That went over well. But well, anyway... in the evening-ish time I like to pester Jared. :D

And then I hang out some more and go to sleep. So boring....

~ Mira

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