Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fun with humans :D

Hi. It's me again. I didn't post yesterday 'cause Jared is annoying and won't give me the computer for five seconds while I post. (He's over here coughing and saying it takes me more than five seconds. Jerk.)

Hmmph. Anyway. I wanna tell you about all the fun I have with those silly clodhoppers known as humans. I love messing with 'em! 'Cause only ones with their own faerie can see me. Oh, let me tell you how to pronounce "faerie." People always say it wrong. I'm pretty sure they're idiots... but anyway. You pronounce it "fay-er-ee" not "fare-ee" like every seems to want to do it. Don't forget!

So yeah. Back to how much fun it is to bug humans. :D You can do anything you want with the clumsy things! I like tickling their noses and standing on their heads making fun of everything they say. It's also fun to fly around their feet and try to trip them up. But that's dangerous. I've almost gotten crushed dozens of times! (Jared says it wouldn't happen if I was smarter. Now what's that supposed to mean?!) Oh yeah... and I love whispering in their ears. It totally freaks 'em out! And sometimes they'll even say the things I whisper. It's so much fun.

Yeah.... I'm pretty sure humans don't even know how much fun they are. :D Or how silly. Or--AHHG JARED! I'm not done yet! He's making me leave, I'm not done--

She says goodbye now. Everyone wave to Mira!

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