Thursday, February 4, 2010

In which I complain about humans

We all know those big giant clodhoppers known as humans. I'm pretty sure most of my readers are human. So I wanna tell you just why humans are so annoying (maybe you can improve yourselves!).

Well, first off, you have their ridiculous size. I mean, come on. How big do you really need to be? I'm pretty sure it's awesome being six inches. You can get into all kinds of places! And when you're as big as a human, it's really hard to hide from things, or get into small spaces, or avoid stepping on people like me. And the worst part is, they don't even realize they're so big! People are always trying... to hug me. That's right, you heard me. People try to hug me! Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to be hugged by a human?! A gal could get crushed! And then they laugh. Makes me wanna cry. Those stupid silly ugly giant monsters!



Okay I'm calm now. I'm pretty sure I didn't really mean that humans are stupid monsters. No comment on the rest of my adjectives though. :D

~ Mira

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  1. I agree with you! It think it is silly for them to be so big! =P