Saturday, July 10, 2010


I met a faerie boy! *dances* :D He's really cute. His name is Alsar, and I'm pretty sure he's SO nice. Mwa ha ha... I'm excited.

That was really short. I'm pretty sure I should say something else.

Um.... Uh....

I like Alsar. :D But I'm pretty sure I need to play hard to get. I'm going too easy on him. Hee. This will be fun. *flies off*

And this has been Mira, who is thrilled to have a boy to torment... *eyeroll*


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mwa ha ha!

I have returned! That's right, I came back. Jared finally let me write something! I don't know what to say! Ahhhh!!!!


I'm excited to have my blog back. :D Do you like my new look? Isn't it awesome? I'm pretty sure it was fun designing it. I wanna design blog stuff now. I can be famous!


No, pretty sure that would be boring. Hm... what should I talk about? I know! I'm gonna make Jared write a story about me. Not just one where I'm like, one of the most important characters, like he's writing now--one where I'm the main character. Oh yeah. It'll be awesome. 'Cause I'm awesome. And everything I do is awesome! But... he doesn't know when he can start it. I'm pretty sure he should forget about his other stories he's writing and do mine. What do you say? I need support!

Oh! Just a couple days ago, I got to hang out with another faerie. Her name is Cheri, and we're great friends now! We went to Jared's karate dojo, and he told us to explore outside 'cause he didn't want us to accidentally burn the place down. I'm pretty sure he has no idea how insulting that was. Me and Cheri, burn down a building? We would never dream of it! Well... except... we did light a fire inside the wall 'cause we found a hole and there was a mouse. I hate mice! I don't know why some faeries think they're cute. I'm pretty sure it's weird. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah. Well... me and Cheri had lots of fun. :D We flew aaaall over the dojo and snuck up on people and listened to conversations. And I thought I saw a faerie boy! There's waaaaay not enough boys around here. And most of 'em seem to have girlfriends already. *pout* Are there any lonely faerie boys out there? :D

~ Mira