Saturday, July 10, 2010


I met a faerie boy! *dances* :D He's really cute. His name is Alsar, and I'm pretty sure he's SO nice. Mwa ha ha... I'm excited.

That was really short. I'm pretty sure I should say something else.

Um.... Uh....

I like Alsar. :D But I'm pretty sure I need to play hard to get. I'm going too easy on him. Hee. This will be fun. *flies off*

And this has been Mira, who is thrilled to have a boy to torment... *eyeroll*



  1. Mira, take a lesson from Vix. Quickly.

  2. ALSAR?! He's enjoying it! What about me? I'm the one who has to put up with it. :P

    Although no one is gonna beat Zef and Onyx for horrible sappiness and all around weirdness :P

  3. @Zef-Onyx comment: True, true, very true :P

  4. Yes, I know. You aren't the one who has had to suffer through them :P