Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm excited!

Jared just finished the outline for my story! YAAY! I can't wait for him to start writing, I'm gonna have lots of fun. And I'm pretty sure I'm also gonna get hurt a lot too. But I don't care! It's my story! And it's gonna be written SOON! But he says he needs to do more outlining work before he can start. That makes me roll my eyes. He should just GO! Instead of sitting around bein' lazy. He's just making excuses 'cause he wants to be mean to me.

Well anyway... do you wanna know what my story is called? :D I'm pretty sure everyone is really interested to know, 'cause, of course, it's about me. So I'm just gonna tell you now...

It's called Little Darkangel.

It's named after ME! Isn't that awesome? Of course I'm the most important person in the book, so. But it's still awesome! I'm pretty sure now you're gonna want to know what the name Little Darkangel has to do with me....

So I'll tell you that too. It's my name. That's right. It's my name. Or, one of them. I have lots of names. Black Butterfly, Mira, Little Darkangel, Silverwing Bride (loooong story behind that one, don't you DARE ask about it), Midge, and lots of other ones. I've been lots and lots of places. Isn't it fun to have a bunch of names? :D But I'm called Little Darkangel in some places because... I'm pretty sure I don't wanna tell you that story either. If you're really nice and you post comments on this blog MAYBE I'll tell you about it. Or if I get bored. Whichever comes first. But I'm pretty sure I--Jared's kicking me off, never mind.

~ Mira

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