Friday, February 12, 2010

My kinda faerie :D

On request from some guy, I'm gonna say some more about Onyx faeries (my kind!).

Okay. So uh... how to sum up our awesomeness.... Well. I guess I'll start with what part of the world we're from. We're Edgers, baby! We live all over the Edge of the World and in the Kingdom of the Falling Sun and in the tippy top of the Dragonwing. And we travel a lot too. I love traveling! Staying in one place all the time is so boring. I have some friends in the Rift... anyway. We always have black and silver wings and most of us have black hair. And of course there's our impeccable fashion sense. Um... we don't have a queen or anything like those weirdos down south. No government, no rules, just fun! Our boys live in tree houses. And they're handsomer than all the other boy faeries of course. I'm pretty sure I should tell you more about them... they're soooo weird. But lots of 'em are kinda cute too. And--

Anyway. The Onyx girls living in this silly old "earth" dimension always Link to depressed people ('cause we're just cool and good at cheering people up) and most of us live in "America." I'm pretty sure I don't understand human government. It's weird. I talked to a girl who sat on the President's head for a whole week once... it was really confusing but I laughed a lot. :D

Er... what else could I tell you about Onyx faeries? I'm pretty sure there's not much else to talk about... we sing songs like all other faeries (but ours are the best) and we tell stories and we build nests. But our moms watch after us a lot longer. My mom was...


No, I'm not gonna cry...

Um. Bye.

~ Mira

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