Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Commentary on the Olympics

Hello everyone! Er, sorry about my last post... I'm pretty sure I wasn't feeling very happy that day.

But today, I'm fine. :D Today, I wanna talk about that silly competition known as the Olympics.... You see, Jared doesn't watch them, but I got so bored that I decided to. It didn't make me much less bored. What is it with humans and sports? Skiing and ice skating and hockey and all the other boring stuff in the Olympics, I'm pretty sure I don't know why they like it so much....

And the silly outfits everyone wears. It's like, spandex! Spandex is so goofy-looking. Couldn't they wear stylish clothes? Like me. Hey! I could be the new fashion advisor for the Olympics! I'm pretty sure I'd be great in that role.

There's also a depressing lack of excitement and injuries in the Olympics. I'm pretty sure they need more broken bones, more blood, and... brawls! And unexpected things too. Like, instead of the ski jumper dude going a foot farther than the last one, he spontaneously combusts and makes a crater when he hits the ground! Or those boring old snowboarders, instead of grabbing their boards and wimpy tricks like that, do five hundred backflips and fly! But no... nothing like that.

Just boring stuff.

~ Yours in boredom,

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