Saturday, March 6, 2010

In Fear For My Life

I almost died today.

That's right. I nearly DIED!

Someone tried to assassinate me with a bomb. I'm pretty sure I barely got out of there alive.... But don't worry, I'm still here so you can still read my blog. :D


I'm pretty sure I'm totally freaking out. AHHHHHHH!!!!! No there wasn't another bomb. I needed to scream. Actually I screamed a lot when the bomb went off. But but but... it reminded me of something. Agh, now... now...


I need to get out of here I need to hide I need to run or something or I don't know someone please help me please help please....

~ Mira


  1. Oh mah goodness, Mira, you poor thing. *huggles*

  2. You should make booby traps so that whoever tried to kill you will get a taste of his own medicine. *nods* Unless, of course, YOU were the one who instigated the fight ;)

  3. She did, forever ago. She got jealous of me... *laughs*

    SHOW HER NO SYMPATHY. SHE'S A VICIOUS, MEAN, EVIL, TWIT. She hates me. :'( And all I did was be friends with Jared. That's IT. And she's all jealous. I'm bigger (for once).

    And Jared saved you *glares* So shut up. Bet he wouldn't save me if you set off a bomb under my chair. Nope. He wouldn't. Jerk.

    (If you couldn't get it from the picture, I's Samii)