Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Have Returned


Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I'm pretty sure Jared doesn't know how to share the computer. I also (I know, shocking) haven't been able to think of anything to say. So um... I'm just gonna talk about what's happened in my (boring) life since my last post, 'k?

Well my story (the story NAMED after me :D ) was started. Yeah. I'm in it. Um. I'm pretty sure that was really profound. See, I'm not allowed to say much about it! But I can say that I showed up in my awesome cloud-of-shadow thingy, and then I Linked to Gryffi and I follow him around everywhere. I'm pretty sure it's so weird doing this double life thing... 'Cause I'm Linked to Jared in "real" life, but in my story I'm Linked to Gryffi. And I like, have two different lives. I get confused. But at least Jared and Gryffi aren't totally opposites... 'cause that would be even worse.

Hm. I'm pretty sure I'm rambling now. Well what else could I talk about? I peeked out the outline for my story. :D That's right, I know what's gonna happen. I'm awesome, pretty sure you can't deny it. But uh... I don't like what's gonna happen. I don't like it at all. Jared is the dumbest, most annoying, most dirty and mean, most ugly, stupid, nasty author on the plan--JARED STOP! I'm not done yet!


Okay I'm back, he actually.... flicked me away from the keyboard! This is MY blog, pretty sure I should be allowed to say anything I want! Anyway. Where was I? Uh.... Right. Jared's lousy "plan" for my story. I'm not allowed to say anything else about it though. See how controlling he is? He's rolling his eyes at me. Hmmph. I'm supposed to insult him, friends always insult each other. Hear (read?) that?

Aaaanyway. What do I do now? I wanna ramble.... I'm pretty sure I never get the computer this long.... Oh! I went to a concert with Jared earlier. It was SO loud. But I had SO much fun! I flew around all over the place and bugged people and stole things and--Jared says I was being very immature. PHOOEY! Oh then there was that time, when I flew up to that annoying singer guy's ear and pulled on it... Pretty sure that was SO funny. He almost fell over! I made him forget his lines. Hee. Oh then I found some other girls (two Rose faeries and this one creepy Bloodbound girl who was actually really nice) and we went around swarming people and we stole a plate of nachos and ate the whole thing. I felt sick. Then I sat on Jared's shoulder burping all the way home. But he didn't notice 'cause--no he says he did notice. Hmmph.

Anyway. I'm pretty sure I like concerts now. :D Um... now what? No wait, Jared says it's time for me to go... Gr. Pretty sure... never mind. I'll try post soonish, 'k?

~ Mira

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