Monday, March 29, 2010

The Story

Okay, so the story I tried to tell in the last post before Jared kicked me off. Pretty sure... he's annoying. Well anyway. The story. :D

So it was... a while ago, I dunno exactly how long. But I was in this city I don't remember the name of, taking a nap 'cause I'd been flying all day. And these big ugly humans (wait, aren't most humans big and ugly?) snatched me and put me in a cage! This um, happened to my mom, a long time ago, and... and bad stuff happened.


Anyway. So they took me and stuffed me in a cage. I'm pretty sure I hate cages. They're evil awful nasty things! Ugh. They kept me locked up for--I don't even know how long. It was a really really bad time. They hurt me. And forced me to fight other faeries. And, and... why did I decide to tell this story? It's an awful story! I hate it!


Ugh. Why do I always get so... so upset when I try and remember things? Pretty sure it's annoying. I can't ever tell cool stories 'cause I always start crying! Okay okay, I'm gonna try to finish....

So they kept me locked up and made me do... bad things. But I escaped of course, else I wouldn't be here. And I'm pretty sure the escape is the best part of the story. Of course it is! The rest is just... just depressing and I hate it. Anyway, I escaped 'cause a bunch of Bloodbound girls rode in on their monster-things and beat up the humans. It was awesome. Really. Awesome. They knocked my cage on the ground and it smashed, and I got out. Then I went and stuck needles into the stupid evil human who kept me locked up. Heh. We got 'im good. He won't be hurting any more faeries. But I still--

Never mind. That was an awful story. Sorry. I'm... pretty sure I'm not very happy today.

~ Mira

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