Friday, March 26, 2010

Life Is Good

Nothing to report. I'm pretty sure my life is good right now... but it could always use more action. And weird people. And cool stuff. But hey! At least no one wants to kill me right now. :D

Jared drew another picture of me--that makes six! And this one is awesome. He says it's his favorite so far. I love it! I'm pretty sure I look really cute in it.

I... need something to talk about. Hm. I wanna go on an adventure. Pretty sure that would be fun... and way more interesting than the normal boringness that is my life. But Jared is busy, I need someone else to adventure with. Maybe Antella... or... hey! Cantabile! I could ask her! Oh yeah. I'll ask her.

Now that's decided... and I still need something to talk about.


I know! No wait. I think... well I guess I could tell a story. I'll tell you about that one time, in that one place, when I did that thing with those guys. Oh yeah. Great story. So. Pretty sure... it starts there... or is it there... Hm. Hang on. Thinking.


Okay got it. :D Well one time these guys tried to lock me up in a cage and sell me. I--AW! I don't want to be done! Sorry guys, Jared says it's time to get off the computer.... Gr. Pretty sure I hate sharing. Anyway... I'll tell the story in my next post, 'k?

~ Mira

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