Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Okay first off, I'm pretty sure I'm safe for now. That was a close one....

Second off, I'm in a good mood today. :D

Third off.... well I told you I'd tell you about Linking, didn't I? I'm pretty sure I did. A couple something posts ago. So yeah.... Linking is when a faerie bonds herself to a human (boy faeries can't do it, weirdos). It's um... yeah. That's basically what it is. But there's lots of different Links in my world. They're like... magic spells or something. To put it in terms you can understand. They do stuff like make it so you can't go over water without an offering, and other stuff like holding the world in orbit. I'm pretty sure.... I don't understand them. But yeah. Us faeries can Link to humans, we're like the only ones who can actually make Links. And when we Link, we can't break the Link. I'm pretty sure there's only one guy who can do that....

I'm gonna try and think of more stuff to say and post here more often, really I will. I'm pretty sure I will. Probably. :D

~ Mira

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